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A place of serenity, where we blend science & spirit to alleviate your pain, suffering, worries and more.

Me and my team of practitioners are trained to offer you a variety of treatments, composed of several modalities and techniques.

Using a blend of Ancient Chinese and Contemporary Medical techniques, we can bring you peace and relief. With our different protocols we can come up with a custom treatment for you.

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Your ailments do not have to be your reality. Let us help.

Client Testimonies

Darla Hagel

Natalie has been an amazing part of my growth and healing over the years. I first began to see her due to trauma I had in my life that was difficult for me to get past. I was very skeptical when I first went, not thinking acupuncture would help and honestly thought it was just a gimic, however was in a state that I was willing to try anything. The acupuncture, sound, and her personally made essential oils helped me to move past my trauma to a path of healing. I became a strong believer in acupuncture and sound therapy after going to see her.

I continued to see her for other issues both physical, mental and emotional. She has always been able to help me through some tough times. Even with knee issues, TMJ, and pain issues she had helped me find relief with the acupuncture and sound therapy almost instantly. I even brought my son to see her for NADA due to addiction issues and she help him through some tough times.

I am very grateful to have her as an amazing, knowledgeable support, healer, and now see her as a spiritual guide in my life. I strongly recommend her to anyone I would meet that could use a great support mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Colleen Marshal

I have been a client of Natalies for 4 years on and off. I first started seeing Natalie for massage but quickly transitioned to acupuncture/sound therapy and whatever else Natalie’s intuition tells her I need.

Lately I have receiving NADA along with other treatments to deal with trauma, grief, sadness, and fear. I have been releasing and letting go of emotions and tears usually immediately after each treatment. The release of emotions is intense and after I work through these feelings I can be on the path to healing.

My last treatment involved NADA and other acupuncture along with some sound therapy. I dreamt of many people in my life that same night and had to courage to say the things I haven’t been able to say in my dreams, whether good or bad. I woke up feeling freedom from some of the things that have been weighing me down. Natalie’s intuition is spot on and I highly recommend her for anyone dealing with trauma or who needs healing of any kind. 😇

Rebecca Waldner

I have seen Natalie many times over the last year while she was at her old place of work. She is great at massages and has been doing it for an impressive 17 years and has to retire from that service unfortunately. I have received acupuncture and NADA Protocol services. She used NADA Protocol to help with my cannabis addiction, it made the cravings/“need” to smoke go away for a solid 12-24 hours and is an affordable service. If you’re more serious about quitting the service will last longer. Her acupuncture needles are very good and you don’t even really feel them in your body nor during insertion. She also offers sound healing which is a very interesting service, she is the first I’ve known to offer it. I was sceptical but it’s pretty cool and her vibration forks feel nice!


My experience with Nada, acupuncture hypnosis, was very successful. We saw Natalie for addiction treatment for substance use. It was a very heavy program, which we had many sessions throughout the month to wean into very few. Incorporating hypnosis, acupuncture and sound therapy really helped shift our subconscious mind and helped us regain control. Natalie was very professional and non-judgemental. Not only did she help my husband and I with our addiction, she listened and counselled us. Natalie also followed up with us after some of our tough sessions and supplied us with very helpful tools and resources that we still use today. It was a great experience and I look forward to continuing our sessions. I highly recommend Lotus Blossom Wellness for balancing your mind and kicking addiction once and for all.

Heather McDonald

I met Natalie through a mutual friend who had been raving about her own NADA experiences with Natalie. I have been a long time believer in acupuncture and the group setting/meditation intrigued me. I was so grateful as all three of my children joined in because in a group it didn’t seem so intimidating or scary. We all received incredible changes, we felt more grounded, calm, relaxed. I myself experienced incredible visions and messages that had great meaning and guidance for me. I highly recommend Natalie to anyone, especially families and kids.

Kim Johanson

After 13 years as a stay at home mom, and an untreatable experience of severe menopausal symptoms ( due to health issues) and multiple childhood traumas, My mental health had suffered a beating. Just 3 treatments of of Dr. Jensen’s trauma protocols and I had fully recovered began a life of my own outside of my domestic life and my mental health had fully recovered. Then Covid-19 began and we were ordered back indoors to isolation and loneliness. I felt like had been given a death sentence. I had just recovered from the trauma of being alone and isolated for 13 years! Needless to say I fell into a severe depression and all of the progress I made with my mental health not only came back it was compounded a thousand fold. Isolation and loneliness is the number one cause of depression!

I managed to get myself back to Dr. Jensen of Lotus Blossom wellness for acupuncture, sound therapy and specialized Trauma protocols.

After only 3 treatments my mental health is quickly returning. I am able to think more clearly, the fog has lifted off mind, My faith and resilience is returning, my motivation to Live life no matter what it looks like today is quickening and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have found Dr. Jensen and her Accupuncture, sound therapy and Trauma protocols saved my life … again ♥️🌟 I’m no longer just surviving… I am thriving!

Thank you 🙏
With my deepest appreciation, upmost respect and love!

The odds are ever in my favor thanks to your work

Kim Johanson Alberta, Canada

Liz DaSilva

I’ve never had Acupuncture until recently and can’t even find the words to do her work justice. She is simply a Magician. After only 4 visits so far I feel like a new human. I am so thankful I found Dr. Jensen!

Kathleen Maiman

Natalie presents a warm, and inviting presence. Her intuition and knowledge of Chinese medicine along with her other modalities are exceptional. I get exactly what I need when one her table, often feeling rejuvenated, restored and relaxed. I highly recommend her to anyone and continue to do so with my friends and clients. She has made a difference to my overall well being and life these past 10 years. Don't hesitate to make an appointment today. You won't be disappointed.

Chelky L

Natalie is the best acupuncturist ive ever been to. She has helped me over come so many demons. I would not be the person I am today without this last year of Natalie helping me rebalance and heal myself.

Ger Smyth

I've had many wonderful treatments with Natalie over the years, and love the new space. The cupping and sound therapy have been more helpful for my old injuries than massage. I've been having acupuncture for many years for overall health and was just recently introduced to hypnosis which has helped me to react less to stressful situations. If you are checking reviews before making an appointment, I highly recommend booking.

Safa Shanneb

Natalie helped me immensely in so many ways. I came to her curious about NADA and felt it’s impact immediately when some huge emotions bubbled out in me. Natalie helped me find the strength within me, and also to be kind and compassionate with myself.

Lee Botbijl

NADA and tuning forks feel so rejuvenating. They really recalibrate the tone of the Autonomous Nervous System(ANS) in the least amount of time. Natalie is an amazing soul that really helps hold a space for me to heal.

Katarzyna Bą

I have been seeing Natalie for HypnoPuncture. This modality takes acupuncture to a new level by tapping into the subconscious enabling a deeper inner healing not just the physical, and cellular.

It's effective, be it central nervous system, anxiety, whatever level you need to dive into....do not wait any longer! I recommend booking this treatment with Natalie

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